PlayScreen is inviting Alec Baldwin to test his word game skills for charity in Word Carnivale

PlayScreen to donate $10,000 to Alec Baldwin’s choice of charity, when he scores better than 400 points in the iPhone/Pad game Word Carnivale.

BALTIMORE – May 13, 2013 —

PlayScreen has invited word game fanatic/brilliant actor Alec Baldwin to play the free iOS game Word Carnivale for charity.

Social/mobile game developer PlayScreen will donate $10,000 to a charity of Mr. Baldwin’s choice if he scores 400 points or more. A score of 400 is about the average score for players on any given day.

In Word Carnivale, players are pitted against their friends in a “best of three” contest to form words within the allotted time. Unlike a conventional word-finding game, Word Carnivale replaces static blocks with balloons that pop when words are formed, allowing new balloons to float up. There are always simple words to find, due to the changing nature of the game board.

Word Carnivale hit the top of the charts for iPhone Educational and Word Games, soon after its launch in December 2012. The free game has received rave reviews from adults, children and parents for its addictive play and vocabulary boosting abilities. Even players that speak English as a second language have progressed in the game, achieving impressive scores and gaining an improved vocabulary in only a few weeks of play. It’s so addictive, some play Word Carnivale for over six hours a day.

“We know Alec Baldwin is a word game fanatic and we’re confident he’ll enjoy playing Word Carnivale” says William Volk, Chief Creative Officer, PlayScreen. “I have no doubt he’ll beat the score to win $10,000 for charity, but we do recommend he follow the instructions of the flight crew, when he finds himself playing this addictive game on an airliner” added Volk.

Word Carnivale can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.



Word Carnivale Trailer


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