Crazy Caption Contest in Stick Figure Movie Trivia

Hey, we’re giving away an $50 Apple Digital Gift Card for the best caption to this picture:

Star-Wars-CONTESTHow do you win?

Simple TWEET your funny caption, with the Star Wars Caption Picture (above) as in these two examples below:

Help me win $50! RT Bar Wars, The Saga Continues #starwars #StickFigure

Vote for me! RT Badges? We don’t need badges #starwars #StickFigure

The caption with the most re-tweets wins!

Here’s the RULES:

1. You MUST have this in your TWEET #starwars #StickFigure

2. Put your caption at the front. Get as many people to RE-TWEET your caption as possible.

3. Winner is based on the number of RE-TWEETS your tweeted caption gets.

4. Contest ends on Friday April 17, 2015.

May The FUN Be With You!

Note: Star Wars is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. This contest is unaffiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or Apple Inc.

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