About Us

From the very first iPhone game, even before the App Store was an app store, PlayScreen, LLC has been committed to the best in mobile, casual, and social games. Our goal has always been to look forward and strive to stay ahead of the curve with one focus in mind: you, the players. We are long time gamers who care about the gaming experience. With innovation defining the space that we are in, we remain driven towards our objectives of producing simple games that gamers of all levels can enjoy at their leisure. While we may not intend for it to be the case, be forewarned, our games are addictive.


Our corporate office is in Baltimore, MD with programming and design in Florence, OR and Marketing in San Diego, CA. Together we strive to put out the best games possible. Please contact us with any suggestions or questions you may have with any one of our titles, or just let us know about your experience with the game!


CEO – John Byrne

John Byrne

John is the Chief Executive Officer of PlayScreen, LLC and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of triCerat, Inc. For the greater part of 35 years, John has cultivated his obsession with software and new technology. He admits that he’s simply “addicted to well-designed products.” A fan of all things Apple since 1978, managing a major iOS game publisher is John’s dream job come true.

In contrast to the ‘built-to-flip’ design that drives many software companies, John has been guided by a ‘built-to-last’ philosophy, making Playscreen an unusual and special place. John’s love for a well-crafted product is not limited to the advancement of the software industry alone – he’s an avid owner of European sports cars and he gravitates towards any cutting edge technology. John holds a Masters Degree of Business Administration from the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University of Maryland.

CTO – Sherri Cuono

46072_421708821087_5767195_nSherri Cuono is the CTO of PlayScreen, LLC. Sherri is a serial entrepreneur who is an expert in Gaming (Casino), Entertainment Media Delivery, Corporate Communication, Mobile, and Social Entertainment. Her experience in International Relations and management is key to the success of PlayScreen.

Cuono honed her management and leadership skills in the United States Army Corp of Engineers, working in Military Intelligence, Medical and Infantry units. She began her career in software creating and managing the development of interactive media for Fortune 500 corporations and as a user interface architect and distance-learning consultant at the USC Annenberg Center. Sherri Cuono was instrumental in the launch of the one of the first online casinos in the USA (World Wide Web Casinos). As the Chief Technologist, Cuono designed, programmed and managed the development of multi-player “real money” online casino games. She implemented a 6-month development schedule, bringing titles to market in record time for the company. Cuono bought this technically difficult product to release under budget. Her efforts were the key in raising $15+ million for one of the first online casinos in the US.

At James Cameron’s EarthShipTV, Cuono served as the Technical Producer and Interactive Engineer providing technical consulting and management for communication, media technology and delivery. She was responsible for the design and production of the Full Screen ‘TV’ experience of the EarthShipTV application prototype. Cuono managed and developed the delivery and streaming technologies that delivered interactive media from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, providing “digital dailies” for the IMAX film “Ghosts of the Abyss.” Sherri Cuono went on to found and manage the mobile technology company, PhoneFlix, specializing in Mobile Video compression, playback and delivery. She developed compression systems and codec implementation for improved playback of media on mobile devices. Cuono was responsible for the management of video engineers and programming teams and had full P&L responsibilities for the company.

As CTO, Cuono brings over 15 years of management and creative experience from the gaming, entertainment and mobile telephony industries to PlayScreen. She led the design and development efforts for the very first iPhone products and is the designer and producer of the hit title “Match 3D Flick Puzzle.”

CCO – William Volk

WilliamWilliam Volk is the CCO of PlayScreen, LLC. As CCO, Volk brings over 25 years of leadership experience from the video game industry to PlayScreen. Volk began his career in 1979, on the launch team of the computer game division of Avalon Hill, now a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.

Volk served as the Vice President of Technology at Activision, Inc. where he was responsible for the development of the first CD-ROM entertainment project, The ManholeTM, and the ‘discovery’ of the product’s talented authors, Rand and Robyn Miller, both of whom would become the creators of the best selling CD- ROM MystTM. Volk was instrumental in creating products that secured Activision’s successes, including the highly acclaimed Return to ZorkTM.

At Lightspan, Inc as chief technologist of gaming technology, Volk managed the programming and Q&A groups. Volk created a process that reduced title production lead times from an 18 month cycle to a four month cycle. His team produced more than 110 titles for the Sony Playstation. Volk is the recipient of many industry awards and recognition for this work.

Volk was co-founder and CTO of Save.com where he and his team developed the first bar coded grocery coupons available on the Internet. His understanding of the technology, security and interface issues was critical to Save.com’s successful launch in 1999. Volk founded ZipProof in 2000, a soft proofing and collaborative software firm used by Print Shops from Colorado to Chile.

Prior to co-founding PlayScreen, Volk served as CEO of Bonus Mobile Entertainment and co-designed the social mobile game “The Dozens” inspired by the Wayans Brothers card game. He also created the ringtone brand “Rude Tones”.

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