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Blackjack Anywhere

Take the real game with you, in your hand or on your wrist.

PlayScreen brings the real Blackjack experience to your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Blackjack Anywhere brings the fun of a casino and excitement of Blackjack to the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Created from scratch to take advantage of the power of the Apple Watch and the iPhone, Blackjack Anywhere features an intuitive interface, easy to read cards, sound effects, and a “true to the game” full Blackjack experience.

Blackjack Anywhere is the classic Blackjack you’ll find at Casinos worldwide. You can double-down, get insurance, split … all of the fun and excitement of a blackjack table is here in this fun game. Blackjack Anywhere gives you a choice of a simple tap interface or you can use a ‘swipe’ to hit or stand, just like playing at a real Blackjack table. Blackjack Anywhere’s Apple Watch interface is clean, simple and easy to play. Options include number of decks, payouts, dealer options, etc..

Blackjack Anywhere gives you UNLIMITED CHIPS with no need to spend more than the initial purchase price. Play as often and as long as you want.

This breakthrough iPhone and Apple Watch game is simply the best looking, best playing Blackjack game you’ll find ANYWHERE.

Available for the iPhone and Apple Watch.



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